A dog, that was left alone had an extremely tangled and filthy hair

A sweet dog, who was left alone in the house after her owner passed away

The workers of the Humane Society found this dog and they didn’t know the dog was alive.The volunteers told, that the dog named Ellie Mae was the worst example they had ever seen.

The tiny animal couldn’t move, as her fur was extremely tangled and filthy.And there wasn’t any way to comb.The dog was left alone at home after her owner passed away.

The dog wasn’t seen there at first for unknown reasons.She was only taken after she looked like an old fur cloak.And after the dog was treated, the vets were able to start their work.

Happily the dog was healthy and there was no need in this.Doctors told, that they see such things almost every day.But Ellie Mae surpassed all other patients.

After all the procedures the baby will be in good hands.Many people would be adored by this sweet face!

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