This dog certainly considers the baby goats as her own kids

They’re inseparable each and every day.

Golden Retriever Lauryn grew up on the family ranch and always assists her mother to look after all the animals.

She is like a mother on a ranch and is very fond of every animal she encounters. «She was with all the animals on the ranch the whole time, so she saw it all» said Lauryn’s mother Andrea Holly to The Dodo.

«She’s a real mother and treats every baby we have here like her own.»

Not so long ago, Holly’s farm adopted a few rescued goats and Lauryn became attached to them more than ever.

«Goats are the most loving as well as accommodating beings,» Holly said. «They instantly became attached to Lauryn. They’re inseparable each and every day.»

The kids are Mia, Henry, Delilah, and Daisy Mae, and they adore Lauryn as much as the latter adores them. They spend all day cuddling, sleeping and pursuing each other, and Lauryn never, ever loses sight of them. She has adopted them as her own and takes her role as their mother very gravely.

Delilah and Daisy Mae arrived at Holly’s ranch with ear labels from their anterior farm but have currently found their forever home with Lauryn and her family.

Since the babies are still very young and need formula feeding, they spend a lot of time on the playground at Holly’s house, and Lauryn is fond of standing on it, watch her charges and catch them in case they go astray.

Lauryn has devoted her life to looking after all the children on her farm, and she will be there to watch all four kids grow as well as help out as needed.

«Lauryn is my helper and she always assist pick up the kids when we’re outdoors or picks them up when they’re playing at home,» Holly said. «He certainly considers them as her own kids.»

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