“Esmond Sr. and Esmond Jr.”: The 108-year-old man’s precious reaction to seeing his little namesake grandson touched everyone

The heart-felt reaction of the 108-year-old man to first seeing his namesake grandson

Here is E. Olcock, a senior 108-year-old citizen of Canada whose father, grandfather as well as great-grandfather had long and fulfilling lives and who undertook everything possible to always remain in touch with his precious family.

J. Lene decided to give her heir her beloved grandfather’s name who has had a great impact on the way of her life for three decades taking good care of her granddaughter and giving the young family useful pieces of advice. Fortunately, little Esmond was endowed with a great chance to meet his great-grandparents which is definitely something far not everyone is lucky enough to experience in his or her life.

Lene’s grandfather was the one who first taught her how to crawl before she could walk and speak and when she happily informed him about expecting another baby, Esmond was left speechless and here is the reason why.

The whole thing is that none of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren was named after him and Lene with her husband decided to name their newborn after their beloved grandfather.

Once the grandfather first held his little grandson in his hands, there were indescribable emotions that he was simply unable to express. When the baby was in his arms, Esmond immediately recalled how he took care of Lene.

And her are Esmond Sr. and Esmond Jr. whose inseparable bond is something incredible and out of this world.


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