This is Madame Eyebrow the dog that always seems to be in a bad mood

Followers simply fascinate her sweet sadness.

Grumpy pets are most frequently related to cats. I mean, in the beginning there was Grumpy Cat. Generally, cats seem to have perfected the entire gloomy look.

When we think of dogs, we commonly think about pure joy. And we have good reason for this, they always look like they won the lottery. Nevertheless, from time to time, you get dogs whose facial expressions seem upset or bothered all the time.

For instance, Madame Eyebrow, an English bulldog from Germany. She was born with dark signs over her eyes that bear her name.

While her “brows” give her a quite exceptional image, it looks pretty desperate as well.

Despite her appearance, her masters show that she is actually pretty amiable, very active as well as joyful dog.

If you spend some time with her, the sadness in her eyes will vanish and you will see the true Madame Eyebrow.

Nonetheless, this wonderful creature’s unhappy look has earned her own Instagram account, as well as a slew of followers who simply fascinate her lovely sadness.

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