It’s fantastic! World’s most advanced robot salutes guests to Dubai Museum of the Future

It is the most front-rank humanlike robot in the world.

Guests to the Dubai Museum of the Future are welcomed with smiles and jokes by an uncommon employee. This is a humanoid robot named “Ameka”.

It was evolved by Engineered Arts. The robot is able to observe the movement in the room, and is equipped with a face identification system as well. “Ameka socializes with guests as well as responds questions about the museum.

Majid al-Mansouri, chief executive of the Museum of the Future.

“This robot is exceptional. It uses factitious intelligence to understand people’s questions and respond them. The way he follows people and looks at them is special.

The company states it is the most front-rank humanlike robot in the world.

Guests can talk to the humanoid with the help of a microphone.

Renata Jollett, guest;

“I used to see tiny robots, for instance, on cruise boats. But they were just waiting to get the information. This one is more advanced. He speaks well and is amusing to talk to.”

Alexander Houtteville, guest;

“It’s incredible. When you ask him a question, he answers looking into my eyes. You tell, “You’re so cute.” And he answers, “You’re good too. It’s amazing.”

The Dubai Museum of the Future is a stirring seven-story structure that opened earlier this year. Its height is 77 meters. Stainless steel with Arabic calligraphic quotation marks. One of them says;

“The future is in those hands who can imagine it, design it and bring it to life.”

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