A very attractive doggy, who stands out for his mark

Amazing issue, that makes the puppy stand out from others

We are different from others due to the extraordinary quality we have. Some have differentiating physical characteristics, while other have differentiating psychological characteristics. And both people and animals affected by this.

Birthmarks are considered to be physical attributes, that makes people be easily identified. And this golden retriever named Elio is different from others thanks to his mark.

Elio is a sweet, adorable and caring small doggy, who becomes fortunate to locate his permanent home when he was just two years old.

He is also very sociable. Elio is different from other puppies thanks to his unusual appearance. He had an extraordinary mark around his left eye.

However usually golden retrievers have a shiny golden coat, this one has a birthmark covering his face’s left side. And he is considered to be sweet due to this adorable issue. Their golden colour is because of their body’s enhancer characteristic. Elio is such a sweet puppy, isn’t it?

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