Watch this whale makes an attempt to befriend a flock of dolphins

The fun side of interspecies interplay.

Jamie Hudson was just 17 when a tragic off-road motorcycle accident left him paralyzed. In lace of dwelling on the past, he admits a new life and became fascinated with drone photography and videography. Jamie Hudson may be in a wheelchair, but he can fly. Hudson used his DIJI Phantom 3 drone for the premier time next to his home on the south coast of Western Australia. He had no idea that what his drone photographed was really magnificent: a man on a paddle board and two whales swimming alongside him. The “Paddle boarding with Whales” clip got more than a million views in a week.

This time, Hudson captured another grand sighting between two of the ocean’s most beloved inhabitants. Many species interrelate in the wild, most commonly as carnivores and prey. But this encounter of a flock of dolphins and a whale shows the fun side of interspecies interplay.

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