The dog assumed the role of the small giraffe’s adoptive parent

Amazing friendship between a newborn giraffe and a caring dog

The animal world never stop to surprise us. It’s amazing how loving and attentive they are towards one another and their beloved people. There are many stories about adorable relationships between different animals.

Internet users adored the story of a dog and a small newborn giraffe, who befriended very quickly. Unfortunately the small giraffe’s mother left her.

And to assist the poor animal people went to the refuge.

The giraffe named Rock wasn’t able to stand on her own, as she was very small and she was bottle fed. The shelter staff did all the possible things to assist the animal.

But Rock was much more happier for another supporter, who also lived in the shelter. A sweet dog named Halter was next to the giraffe all the time and was her protector.

The dog got the role of the giraffe’s adoptive parent. An adorable connection was established between these two animals. Now Halter and Rock are close friends. All the people in refuge are astonished by their adorable friendship.

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