“Nothing has remained from the past”: This is how the outstanding movie stars from Hollywood have changed over years

Here are iconic actors then and now with whom every single woman fell in love

It is needless to say that absolutely no one has the power upon time and it is totally impossible to remain exactly the same or get younger over the years. Today, we have prepared a list of former legendary and demanded actors from Hollywood who changed beyond recognition. Now their loyal fans hardly recognize their idols.

L. DiCaprio

Over the years, one of the most famous and legendary film stars has lost his charm gaining extra kilos.

E. Norton

The outstanding star from “Fight Club” has changed beyond recognition.

J. Depp

The scandalous divorce from his already ex-wife definitely had an impact on the actor’s appearances. He has considerably aged.

J. Law

It is rather hard to believe that the legendary actor who didn’t let any single woman remain indifferent looks now like this.

A. Banderas

Many hardly recognized their idol who has changed beyond recognition.

B. Fraser

The man has noticeably changed gaining kilos for the sake of the new role.

H. Grant

The way the well-known actor has changed left the netizens speechless.

M. Perry

Do you remember the star from “Friends” ?

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