“Stars in 70s look much better than the young”: The way these legendary women in 70s look left everyone speechless

Here is the list of iconic celebrities in 70s who surpassed the young with their style

Though they are already in their 60s and more, these iconic and overall-recognized women surpassed even a number of young stars with their unearthly beauty, charm and absolutely unique style. Their age doesn’t anyhow prevent them from looking gorgeous and desirable. Millions would envy their great talent, a sound sense of humor and charisma.

Here are some of the famous stars who won millions of hearts with their grace, stylishness and attractiveness.

D. von Furstenberg

D. Keatone

L. Hutton

C. Dell’Orefice

I. Apfel

M. Streep

H. Mirren

S. Weaver

C. Herrera

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