A caring family, who takes care of abandoned koalas and treats them well

A kind girl, who has unusual power over animals

It’s always amazing to read stories about people, who help animals. And especially if they weee children it makes you happier. A 10 year old girl named Lizzy has seen her parents save koalas since she was very little.

The girl’s parents live in Australia. There are many koalas living in this region and many are leftover by their mothers. Lizzy’s parents consider it hard to keep them under control and started taking them home.

And after feeding and taking care of the babies, they were released to the nature when they get older. And the girl started raising the little koalas when she was very small. Now she considers Kiko as a pet.

The girl’s friends and family called her “the koala whisperer”, because she has unusual power over the animals.

And the little girl became well known. And as Lizzy’s mother is a vet she knows everything about feeding and looking after the animals.

And the family releases each animal into its natural habitat with a full heart. And each animal they care about becomes their family member.

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