They are incredible and exceptional. Twin brothers tied the knot with twin sisters

The couples live in the neighborhood and raise kids.

Twenty years ago, twins Mark and Craig Sanders from Ohio encountered twin sisters Darlene and Diane Netmeyer. At a premier glance, they realized it was fate.

Two pairs of twins started having dates and then made their relationship legal. Mark married Darlene and Craig married Diana. At the wedding, the brides were in similar dresses and the grooms in similar suits. Two families purchased private houses in the neighborhood.

After a year, Diana also gave birth to Craig twins. The boys are very similar to each other. If the chance of having twins is 3 out of 1000, then selfsame ones are born once in a blue moon.

The other married spouses did not yet have twins. But Darlene had two girls who were very similar to each other. Darlene and Mark later had a son.

Married spouses are really incredible as well as exceptional. After all, they have the same set of genes, which means that genetically their offspring are not cousins, but brothers and sisters.

Both spouses still live in the neighborhood and raise kids.

They are permanent figures on television, research-based reports are prepared about them, and they are permanent visitants at twin gatherings.

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