A smart artist, who uses paper to create works of art

Adorable sculptures made of processed paper

An artist named Sakura Sato considered to use her creativity to make known the problem of excessive paper goods. The girl makes amazing animal sculptures from the paper. Sakura demonstrated her works.

After finishing her degree she started working in design. Sakura had demonstrated a lot of gorgeous skills in the arts when she was studying at the institute. She is well known not only in her country, but also in Asia and Europe.

Sato creates animalistic sculptures. She uses newspapers for her everyday items. Sakura makes adorably realistic sculptures using paper, which she washes and rolls in her needed form.

When the girl examines all the necessities details of her chosen animal she uses paper in the same shape with the accuracy of a jeweller.

She uses a lot of time and work to perform such details. At first Sakura did everything by herself.

But after she became popular, she understood she couldn’t do all the things alone. And her friends and family members started working with her and became her assistants. What a cute girl!

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