Kind neighbours discovered a lost kitty and gave him to its owners

A lost kitty was discovered ten years later and it wasn’t clear where he had been through all the time

This incident occurred in 2011. The owners of the cat looked for their kitty for some time before reporting their kitty lost. There were three kitties, that usually went on walks.

And one day the third cat didn’t come back from the walk, just the two did. The owners of the cat waited for five days, but he didn’t come home. The cat was reported missing after a period of time.

The cat had a microchip with all the information needed about his owners. There aren’t almost any homeless animals in the UK. And in 2021, one of the neighbours found a cat and tried to catch it.

But the cat was frightened and didn’t want to be caught. And the caring neighbour fed the cat each day until the cat got used to it. The cat was caught by the neighbour and given back to his owner.

And the owners found a big tumour on one side of the cat. They immediately took the kitty to the vet. And the kitty immediately informed its owners. They were amazed, that their kitty had been discovered. And after learning, that the kitty’s tumour was benign, the kitty was taken to its previous owners.

The owner of the kitty told: “I knew he had gone through many things during these ten years and now he deserves to relax.” No one knew where the kitty had been through these years and how he was fed.

However he managed to go back to his beloved owners.

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