Absolute bravery and orientation. The boy heroically rescued his small brother

Our lives can change when we do something like collect baby diapers.

A clip has spread on the Internet showing a boy, 9 rescuing his 11-month-old brother from falling off a changing table.

The footage of the salvation was recorded by a security camera placed in the kid’s room. Tila Levy, a Florida mother of five, put her baby on the changing table and turned around for just a second in order to say something to her eldest son. At this point, the child began to roll toward the side. But his brother Joseph showed absolute bravery and orientation and caught the baby on the run.

“This is not my biggest moment of pride as a mom but I had the desire to draw attention and demonstrate that our lives can change when you do something like collect baby diapers,” remembers the 35-year-old woman.

“I leaned to the side to look at my 6-year-old son, who was bothered about his home task. I said. “Just let me finish with the baby,” and then Eitan rolled over.

The boy himself reported that he felt an exceptional force pushing him forward. The scared mother said that she made a decision to place the footage on the Internet so that other parents would not repeat her errors and attentively monitor their kids.

The mother of 13-year-old Daniel, Joseph, and 6-year-old Zion as well as twins Eitan and Eliana knew she was under fire when she shared the clip. “I’m alright with nasty comments. I don’t care, she tells us. “Indeed, I just got a private message from someone on Facebook saying, “You shouldn’t have any more kids.” But we all make mistakes. We are all doing our best.”

As for Joseph, Levy says he enjoys his new hero label.

We made an attempt to reward him for what occurred. We said:

“You can pick what you want, we want to buy you a gift.”

He said, “For what? To rescue my brother? I don’t need a gift for this.”

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