A homeless puppy smiled after being taken to a new home with her babies

Kind people assisted the poor dog and took them to their caring home

No one knew about the dog’s fate. She was discovered in Costa Rica. The poor dog was leftover without food and water and she was also pregnant, which made everything even more complicated.

The neighbours couldn’t leave her like that, so they captured her and called an animal rights activist volunteer Tanya Capelluti to tell her what had occurred.

She could just sit and wait for the people she had been so loyal to, as she wasn’t able to accept the betrayal. The volunteer immediately understood, that it was very important to act immediately away and locate a temporary home for the pregnant dog.

Kins people were needed to forget the dog’s past and give her bright future and they were soon found. The puppy felt relaxed and happy in Wann McKan’s house and had six puppies.

The mother doggy was grateful for her owner not only for saving her, but also her babies. The happy doggy grinned after seeing Wann’s face.

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