A sweet giraffe with leg problems received special leg braces and a new chance at life

A very useful equipment made for a giraffe with leg problems 

Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world and they stand on their amazingly long legs. And a giraffe was born with limb problems and his future life was put in danger.

But thanks to people’s support he is now splendidly standing tall after having special leg braces. Happily zoo vets and orthotists worked together to help the animal and give him a chance at life.

The clinic was specialized in working with people and orthotics and prosthetics. Bur happily they were able to make special leg braces for the giraffe.

Their idea was successful and thanks to his new friends and equipment Giraffe was able to stand on his legs. A licensed orthotist named Aram Mirzayan told: “I clearly overjoyed.”

“I have never done something like this before. You have to be thankful for such a once in a lifetime experience. But without these equipment her legs would be more uncomfortable.”

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