“Passionately kissed each other in front of the audience”: Lopez and Affleck warmly kissed after their joint performance

After performing, Lopez and Affleck melted the fans’ hearts with their warm kiss

The legendary, admirable and beautiful couple of Lopez and Affleck doesn’t cease to delight their fans, this time, pleasantly surprising the audience with their brilliant joint performance as well as a warm and passionate kiss to the applauses of the spectators.

While the iconic 53-year-old singer was performing in front of the audience, the popular 50-year-old actor, already the husband of the celebrity, decided to join his beloved one and they two passionately kissed shortly after their performance showing affection and tenderness towards each other.

It should be noted that a number of prominent and overall-famous stars such as B. Eilish and Kardashian were present as well who were lucky to witness the heartwarming scene.

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