A very friendly dog, who adores being petted on the train

A sweet puppy, who enjoys people’s attention and love

Almost all the people travelling on a train try to keep silent. But an Italian greyhound named Moon is different. Such dogs usually need some time to get used to people, but Moon is an exception.

Every time the dog and his owner named Maggie Lane travel on the train, he makes new friends. Everyone in the train, including tired mothers with their children, businessmen, tourists and so on may make friends with a dog.

The dog adores to be petted and greets all the people with excitement. Maggie told: “I like to take him with me on the train, as he always makes people happy and brightens their days.”

Many people enjoy petting Moon and taking him in their arms. And all of this makes the dog’s owner happy.

Maggie told: “He has become my best friend and he often sleeps at my feet.” Such an adorable pet!

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