The woman adopted a puppy, which later became a real giant, but remained sweet and loving

So huge yet cute and adorable!

Several years ago, this kind woman named Yunya wanted to have a pet, but she didn’t know whom to choose. When she met an amazing puppy with a cute appearance, immediately fell in love with him and decided to adopt him.

She called him Tiddy and did her best to make him the happiest in the world. The woman took care about the puppy perfectly and provided him with everything he needed. Thanks to her efforts, the dog became 52 kg, when he was just 6 months old.

Yunya spotted that her dog was bigger and taller compared to others, but she never stopped giving him the best food and drink. As a result, the dog continued to grow up faster and after a short time he became 75kg.

In spite of being giant, Tiddy is so cute and loving and he enjoys his happy life by his caring owner’s side. Now the beauty is 6 years old and loves to spend much time with his beloved human.

Tiddy is so lucky to have such a wonderful owner and adores her with all his heart.

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