The dog not only became a loving friend of the rescued cat, but also a wonderful guardian of her kittens

He is the most caring friend and the best caretaker!

Once a family got a two-year-old pregnant cat, who was so sweet and sociable. She needed human help and care, and the family decided to adopt her.

Ficky, the catty, befriended with all the cats and dogs in the neighbourhood, but Konna, a caring dog, was more than a friend for her. They became inseparable from the first day of their meeting and built a strong friendship.

After some time Ficky gave birth to six adorable kittens and became a caring mother for them. The babies were safe and protected not only next to their mother, but also next to Konna.

Seeing that the dog was so attentive towards the kittens, the owners decided to adopt Konna, too. He became the family’s lovely guardian and started to look after the babies perfectly.

Konna does everything by himself: takes care of them, pets them and provides them with love and warmth.

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