“Mad Eye” Moody from “Harry Potter”: This is how Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody has changed over years

The way Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody looks today greatly surprised the fans

This interesting and captivating character of “Harry Potter” first appeared in the fourth part of the legendary movie drawing absolutely every viewer’s attention to him. It should be noted that the role was brilliantly played by talented and praiseworthy actor Brenden Gleeson.

It is worth mentioning that the talented man first gained popularity at theatre and used to work as a teacher as well. Brenden started his drizzling career in the film industry at the age of 35 gaining overall recognition after “Braveheart” and, later, “Artificial Intelligence”. However surprising it may seem, the brilliant actor has acted in about 70 movies.

According to PeopleTalk, the prominent movie star is not going to stop and we can say that the other actors from “Harry Potter” have much to learn from him since the talented man, despite his mature age, still delights his fans with his new roles.

One thing that should be added as well is that Gleeson has happily been married since 1982 and has had 4 heirs. Moreover, two of them have already decided to follow their famous father’s career footsteps.

Many immediately got delight seeing the legendary actor today since, according to many, Brenden still manages to win hearts with his handsomeness and sincere smile.

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