These amazing cats attract the whole world with their unique appearance and stunning eyes

What magical eyes!

Meet Iriss and Abyss, two adorable cats, who gain everyone’s attention both in real life and on social media with their fascinating eyes. These snow-white beauties have already become so popular and have a great number of viewers on the Internet.

They were found by a kind man, who immediately took them home and provided with everything they needed. At that time they were just three months old, and now they are already 9 months old, and from the first day of their arrival they started a new carefree life.

Their amazing appearance makes them unique and due to it they are everyone’s favourite.

There is an opinion, that those who have different coloured eyes see both the living and the dead, but we don’t know it’s true or not. In spite of this, one thing is clear: they are really wonderful and stand out from others.

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