A lucky dog, who was adopted by a kind woman, although she had no intention of adopting a dog

The poor dog was fortunate enough to be taken home

A sweet dog named Sink spent all his life on the streets of Los Angeles. And he was too old when he was already 12 years old. Sink was adopted almost for two years, but was always given back.

And the shelter staff couldn’t understand why it happened. But one day the dog became lucky. His new owner named Marina looked over the website, although she didn’t want to adopt a dog from the shelter.

But when she first saw Sink, she immediately understood it was her dog. “His eyes were very depressed. I immediately considered, that this dog would live with me no matter what.” told Marina.

After moving into a new house, two months were needed for Sink to get used to the house.

And after all he got some medical assistance and his health started to bloom. He finally smiled! He changed into a really happy dog.

They made a special clothing for him, that reads: “Deaf dog” to warn people from handling him without his permission, as the dog isn’t able to hear.

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