A kind girl, who finds the best way to end the year by helping her beloved cat

A generosity act without any regret

The thirteen year old girl got 60000$ by writing a touching essay about her cat. It appeared in tops and helped more animals in the refuge.

The girl considered to donate all her money to the cats as she thinks, that it’s all because of the cats. She wrote an essay for a global competition about the difficulties she underwent for her health and about how much her sweet kitty assisted her in everything.

The girl is also a volunteer at a neighbouring shelter. She took her kitty named Mister Matt there when he was almost a week old.

And the girl’s essential secret was in her way of writing. She described her kitty as “a cuddly buddy and a rescue gift.”

She didn’t even imagine she could win. And she got almost 60000$.

And she considered to donate all the money to the shelter, where her beloved cat lives. And the girl don’t regret for that. She considered it was the bast decision to finish 2020.

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