How cute! The beetle spends time in a small garden house

The tiny creature really liked the garden created for him.

Usami Ayaka is a gifted pottery artist who always creates little Ouchi houses for tiny beings.

“I make them from scales for tiny beings that we don’t commonly notice in our daily lives,” Ayaka told The Dodo. “I started creating them in the expectation them to be helpful to me.”

But one day he spotted something really remarkable.

It was a little roly-poly, joyfully climb up the little stairs that Ayaka had made especially for him.

Ayaka said that she was so excited when he spotted the tiny creature.

“Some horticulture devotees want to get rid of this beetle because it can cause damage to the roots of the herb but I applaud them,” Ayaka said. “This pot has no bottom, and the herb can go deep into the ground, so it does not cause damage to it. The beetle and herb can coexist. And I’m thrilled to see it.”

It could be said that the tiny creature really liked the garden created for him.

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