“Exclusive wedding photos of Paradis”: Here are photos from the wedding ceremony of Vanessa Paradis

Here are exclusive photos from iconic actress Vanessa Paradis’s first wedding

It has recently become known that the iconic and well-known French actress married script-writer Samuel Benchetrit and this incredible news didn’t let any single one stay indifferent.

It should be noted that this is actually the outstanding actress’s first marriage after the iconic star had lived with J. Depp for 13 years having 2 children: 19-year-old Lily and 16-year-old Jack.

Though the admirable couple tried to hide their wedding ceremony from the paparazzi and photojournalists, several exclusive photos have recently appeared on network making it clear that their wedding was quite modest without any luxuries.

It is worth mentioning that the star’s daughter was there, whereas her son was absent due to a serious disease he is currently fighting.

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