A caring man fostered pet shop animals, that needed temporary homes

Adorable relationship of a dog and a rat living in the same house

Nikki lives with his caring owner, who also has other sweet animals living in their house. He demonstrates his boundless affection and care to all of his animals. Nikki is very shy, humble, calm and friendly.

His owner named Nicole was the first, who learned about the local pet shop, that required foster homes for animals living there. Nicole immediately considered to assist them and fostered one of the small animals.

So their happy family extended by one sweet white and grey rat named Molly. Everyone in the family welcomed Molly with respect. They immediately fell in love.

And soon Molly and Nikki befriended. Molly adores climbing onto his new friend’s back and playing with his soft fur.

And when Nikki noticed his beloved friend is sleeping on his back he didn’t even move. He always tries to make Molly happy, by showing love, respect and attention to him.

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