The man noticed a pit bull tied to a tree, and when he approached it, he saw a touching note on the tree

What a heartbreaking story!

When Eric was walking with his two dogs in a Brooklyn park, he noticed a poor pit bill tied to a tree. When he approached him, he got excited not only by the dog’s condition, but also what he discovered on the tree.

Fortunately, the dog was so lucky to meet such a kind man, who at first tried to find his owners, but useless.

The dog was so kind and friendly and greeted his rescuer with happiness.

The man found a touching note on the tree, which completely broke his heart.

Eric knew that he couldn’t move without this beauty, but where to begin. At first he didn’t understand what to do, but one thing was clear: the dog needed his support.

Then he had a great idea to take a photo of him and post it on his Facebook page, hoping that he would be noticed by some rescue organisations. He was right, and the cutie was immediately taken to a shelter, where he started a new carefree life.

Although now the pit bull feels great, he needs to get treatment and after finishing it, he will be put for adoption.

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