“Her behavior leaves a lot to be desired”: The rare photos of Markle from her previous wedding left everyone speechless

These exclusive photos from the duchess’s first wedding hit the network

There is no need to say that the wedding ceremonies and other remarkable events of the British royal family immediately appear the center of absolutely everyone’s attention. And the public got really fascinated with the wedding ceremony of the Prince and American actress M. Markle who drew absolutely everyone’s attention to them.

And here we meet the duchess of Sussex. It should be noted that, currently, the couple of Markle and the Prince is rather scandalous.

However, only few know that it was actually not her first marriage. The current duchess of Sussex was previously married to a successful American producer.

And, however unusual it may seem, their wedding looked quite different compared with the royal ceremony.

And these exclusive photos revealing the woman during her wedding as evidence to many that she has no right to be with Harry.

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