“From a housewife to the wealthiest Russian woman”: This is how the family of the founders of Wildberries looks

Here is the husband of one of the richest women, the founder of Wildberries

Here is the famous Bakalchuk family, the founders of successful and well-known company called “Wildberries”. This is an incredible story about an ordinary housewife named Tatyana who has recently turned into one of the wealthiest women after she firmly determined to stop aimlessly sitting at home and, founding a company, became a billionaire and an overall-recognized and influential woman.

Many were greatly interested in how the husband of one of the richest Russian women looks and here he is!

“Interesting, how is it to be the husband of Russia’s wealthiest woman”, “He is lucky to have her in his life”, “He is the handsome one and she is the wealthy one”.

What can you say about the husband of Tatyana? Share your opinion!

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