A kind couple, who has decided to buy a van and travel to assist animals

The couple temporarily took puppies until they could locate homes for themselves 

In 2021, a kind couple put 25000$ in a vehicle. The couple considered to reside and travel in a van. They resided in a van and traveled along New Zealand.

They considered to buy their own van and start residing there partly because of an expensive housing market of Toronto. Jack owns a web design company.

And Maggie occupies in this company. And the couple can absolutely control their work schedule.

Living in a van doesn’t affect their business in any way. They travelled in Australia and Canada, as they were locals there.

The couple has long ago have little belongings. The couple considers to assist animal sanctuaries.

They considered to take them for some time, until they were able to locate homes.

They played and snuggled with their puppies a lot in order them not to get bored inside the house. What a kind couple!

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