It is usually the owners, who choose the pet to adopt, but this case is an exception

What a right choice!

Mostly owners choose the pet to adopt, but sometimes they entrust the big task to their other pets, thinking that they will have a stronger bond that way.

The owner of a husky named Reed made the right decision to adopt a second pet with the taste of her first pet. And as a result, a strong friendship arose.

So she took her husky to the shelter to choose his favourite kitten by himself.

There the dog met many kittens, but didn’t show any reaction when they appeared in front of him.

But when a little catty named Murazik came towards him and began to play with the dog, the owner got sure that it was the one, whom they would choose.
On that day, something special arose between these amazing creatures.

Now they are inseparable friends and are quite famous on social media. The woman always posts many interesting photos of them on their Instagram account, and a great number of followers are attracted by their strong friendship.

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