“In the prime of their career and now”: The way the iconic actors and actresses looked in youth will leave anyone speechless

Here are 11 legendary film stars in the prime of their drizzling career and today

Probably absolutely everyone is well-familiar with the great talent, enormous success and brilliant acting skills of the following iconic and legendary actors and actresses who have excellently starred in a number of great movies enjoying their popularity among the huge army of millions of their fans who sincerely admire them. Whereas many still don’t know how they actually looked in their youth, in the prime of their successful acting career.

Their gorgeous bodies, charming smiles and impressive look won’t let any one of you stay indifferent.

J. Lumley

H. Mirren

D. Rigg

G. Hawn

M. Caine

M. Douglas

H. Ford

R. DeNiro



S. Stallone

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