A woman, who has a special love for wolves

Sweet relationship of a woman and wolf pack

Wolves are amazing and sweet. But the purpose of the story isn’t about how much this woman adores and looks after them. She enjoys playing and hugging with them. Danelle likes nature and animals. And she has a special love for wolves.

The caring woman loves a wolf called Kecia. Every time they met the wolf treats her in a cute way. They had a funny time, which the centre captured and posted on the Internet.

Danelle and Kecia cuddle together in the video and Danelle can’t stop kissing and hugging Kecia.

He licks her face as a dog. Kecia was born in Florida. Although he was an enormous creature, who weighed almost 120 pounds, Kecia is very sweet and calm.

Danelle trusts her wolf friend, so she doesn’t worry when she cuddles with him.

She accepts as a privilege as the wolf pack has linked to her. Almost 10000000 people have seen the adorable video of a woman playing with her loving wolf in the snow.

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