“Became totally unrecognizable”: This is how Thomas Wilson starring in “Back to the Future” has changed

Can you remember Bully Biff from “Back to the Future? Here he is years later

Millions will undoubtedly recall Thomas Wilson from the great movie “Back to the Future” who excellently starred the role of Biff. Many will hardly believe it, whereas the fact that the iconic actor is already 63 is undeniable.

It should be mentioned that the character in the legendary film and the real actor brilliantly playing the role totally differ from each other. Wilson is often distinguished by his bigheartedness and generosity who also actively leads his YouTube channel.

Shortly after his praiseworthy participation in the Franchise, the talented man gained overall recognition and was offered a number of film roles being endowed with an opportunity to build a drizzling career in this sphere.

It is noteworthy that the legendary star has already acted in 40 movies having his unique place in the film industry. Though he doesn’t look the same and has noticeably aged, he still delights his loyal fans and is not going to put an end to his successful career.

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