One more story proving, that animals of different species can get along

Amazing animal friendship between a rat and a therapy dog 

Without a doubt, animals of different species can make friends. The heart can’t be ordered. And our story proved this once more.

A shepherd dog named Oasis had been trained to be a rescuer and therapist wouldn’t get along with any other animal before meeting the rat named Rile. Rile came to Oasis being a small child.

After that he was often attended to and fed by a pipette.

The dog seemed to remember his own childhood when he saw how they looked after the baby. Oasis understood, that the rat had the same problem and he must get help to recover.

Oasis works with both people and animals. And the rat was named Rile. It can easily fit into his friend’s mouth, but it will always be enormous.

The dog takes care of his little friend in an amazingly cute way. Just by looking at them once you can understand, that they know one another for a long time.

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