The once injured and helpless dog never expected to have such a wonderful future

A difficult beginning, but a happy ending!

Once, a passer-by found an injured dog on the road, whose life was in danger and he needed quick support. It turned out that the cutie was hit by a car and had many serious wounds.

The poor animal was taken to a vet clinic and after getting all the appropriate treatment, he was cured and became completely healthy.

The second step was to find a foster family for him, and once it was found, the cutie was immediately moved to his new foster home.

There the dog could feel better and would get much love and care from his humans.

We are grateful to those, who supported our beauty and gave him the second chance at life.

His foster parents fell in love with him and made a decision to adopt him.
What a great decision!

Now the dog has a loving family and enjoys his life under their strong care. Now he has everything he needs and is loved by everyone.

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