The smart dog has its own way of buying food from the institute’s canteen

What an intelligent dog!

Meet Ducky, a smart dog, who guides the technology institute since the time the staff adopted him and made him their guardian. All the workers and students love him and they are sure that Ducky is devoted to all of them.

Besides being loyal and caring, he is so smart and learns everything fast. He sees how students go to the canteen and buy food. Although the dog doesn’t have money, he has his own way to buy what he wants.

The cutie finds that leaves can be valuable and always offers them to the salesman to get food.

The salesman tells that one day he remained moveless when saw that the dog was jumping in front of him to catch a leaf from the tree. When he managed to take one, immediately approached him and gave the leaf to him asking for food.

He thinks that it is money and proudly buys whatever he wants.

Who can say “no” to this beauty?

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