Having a canine companion means that you are so lucky because they are great guardians

Dogs are real supporters!

Recently, a litter of kittens were brought to a shelter, but the poor babies needed strong care and the staff began to look for a foster family for the kittens.

One of the kindhearted volunteers named Thola decided to step and took the babies home. She looked after them with her sister and never left their side. The babies were provided with everything they needed and began to feel stronger.

Seeing that the kittens needed mother, Lillo, a dog from their neighbourhood, decided to support them and began to visit them frequently. They became inseparable just from the first day of their meeting and the kittens began to feel better next to their loving “mother”.

Their foster mom is attracted by their strong bond and allows them to spend all day together. Both the dog and the kittens are so happy to have each other and enjoy their lives together.

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