“A living doll”: After a great number of plastic operations, Bridget Jones is now hard to recognize

This is how Zellweger looks who became obsessed with surgeries losing her charm 😱 😳

Meet Renee Zellweger who became worldwide famous and enormously successful after the release of Bridget Jones’s Diary winning the hearts of the viewers with her cute cheeks, charisma and great talent.

Whereas currently, when one takes a look at the recent photos of Renee, they will undoubtedly have difficulties with recognizing the iconic star since she has radically changed everything concerning her appearance losing all her individual features.

Her obsession with plastic operations emerged when she decided to enlarge her breasts and soon appeared in public with an entirely new face astonishing her fans.

Many clearly noticed the results of numerous operations including face lifting which endowed her with an opportunity to get rid of all wrinkles and other age-related changes. And when we compare the skin of her neck and face we, undoubtedly, will see clear-cut differences.

Though she actress has done everything possible to get rid of all her flaws and imperfections, look flawless and more attractive, she, as a result, lost her individuality and no trace from her real self has remained.

How did you find Renee’s appearance after plastic operations?

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