This special woman gave birth to a child. How is Sarah’s daughter today?

Sarah is used to doing nearly all things with her feet.

And the chosen one, apparently, flew away, leaving the girl with a one-year-old baby “in her arms”. Sarah certainly struggled. Without hands, without assistance and even a child needs somewhere to be raised.

Today I want to introduce you to an incredible woman named Sarah. She is used to doing nearly all the things with her feet: cleaning, cosmetics as well as cooking. This Belgian, regardless of many troubles, figured out how to enter the institution and even gave birth to a child.

In 2018, Sarah gave birth to a girl who converted the existence of luxury.

Sarah could do without the memories of a lover who could not stand the hardships and made a decision to get out of the existence of a friend, leaving her with a baby.

“Well done, dear,” commented Internet users.

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