A dog, who loves to eat stirred supper

Unusual behaviour of a dog, who refused to eat his food

Everyone was amazed by the golden retriever’s unusual behaviour as he waits for his food to be cooked before eating it.

All the people, who know this adorable golden retriever are amazed by the fact, that he refuses to eat his meal until one of his family members eagerly prepares it for him. No one knew about Isso’s choice to stop eating so. Although he was healthy, they thought something happened.

When the dog refused to eat, which is absolutely not normal for a golden retriever his owners considered to attract their attention to all the warning signs.

Isso considered to give some explanations to his family, but at first they had trouble finding them.

The dog’s family considered possible explanations why their dog refused to eat, until one of his relatives stirred Isso’s supper. Now his family prepares his dish every time it’s time to eat, as the secret ingredient is already discovered.

Isso seems happy for his schedule and his family eagerly carries on it every day because he is eating.

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