Usually dogs and cats avoid one another, but this story showed the opposite

A cat and a dog were found snuggling in one cage

Lito was found as a small cat drowning in a storm drain. After that he was taken to the vet for an examination. When Lito first came to a medical facility, they frequently experienced anxiety.

He was perplexed, became he didn’t understand why so many people are looking at him. Lito was all alone struggling with all the attention when Ela decided to join him.

This is Ela, a little cat, who was getting well after being missing. Dogs and cats usually avoid one another, and so their containers were put absolutely apart from each other.

And the staff members one day found out Lito wasn’t in his cage, and later he was discovered snuggling with Ela in her cage. Now the staff members frequently allow them to share one cage and they are absolutely haply for it.

Lito helped Ela a lot in developing the little shy animal she was when she first came here.

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