Two dogs called the police and were waiting to welcome them

Dogs used their owners phone and called the rescue organisation

The police officers in Minnesota were worried for the phone call. When they picked up the phone no one answered. After finding the address two officers went there. But they found out an empty home.

Three other 911 calls were made from the same address at that time. Just a dog was seem in the distance in the house.

The officers then discovered the phone number and garage code.

They thought there would be someone trapped there, who needed assistance and couldn’t speak. But when the officers entered the house no one was there, neither the owners of the house, nor other people. But there were two sociable dogs named Rudolf and Ball, who were waiting for them.

Then it was found out, that they are in charge of all of these. As the owner forgot his phone at home and they missed him, they continued to call the rescue organisation.

The dogs’ owner was perplexed for what his pets had done.

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