“The heaviest guy alive in the Guinness Book of Records”: This is how the Arabian guy who was saved by the King looks now

But for the King’s help, the world’s heaviest guy wouldn’t receive treatment

Khalid Shaari was officially considered the world’s heaviest guy alive weighing, believe it or not, over 600 kg. The absolutely unique guy was even listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the fattest boy in the entire world.

However, without the priceless help of King Abdullah Al Saud, the guy probably wouldn’t have survived. The whole thing is that the bighearted King fully payed for the treatment he urgently required.

A special treatment and proper nutrition were necessary for him so that he eventually lost weight and started to lead a healthy life. Though it was extremely difficult and sometimes seemed hopeless, he succeeded in making it.

This is how Khalid looks at the moment after the treatment.

It should be noted that Khalid weighed 70 kilos at the age of 31.
What an incredible story!

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