“They said YES to age-related changes”: Meet those who bravely stopped dyeing their hair prioritizing the natural beauty

These women bravely gave up hair coloring for the sake of natural appearance

It is needless to say that all of us are in most cases excessively dependent on the standards of beauty of nowadays as well as rules that our society and fashion dictate to us. For the sake of maintaining their beauty and youth, many, without even thinking for a second, rush to turn to the service of cosmetologists, beauticians and surgeons. And if people manage to eventually accept their age-related changes breaking all the stereotypes, it will definitely be a praiseworthy act. Today, we have selected the women who have given up hair dyeing for the sake of the completely natural appearance.

“Initially, I was ashamed of my natural hair color and was constantly dyeing my hair. Whereas over the years I started to really like it.”

“Though many don’t approve of my decision, I am simply tired of weekly dyeing my hair.”

“Beauty actually comes from within and it is a state of mind. No matter how you look, you are always unique.”

“Look! I haven’t dyed my hair for more than 7 years and the world hasn’t turned upside down.”

“My man claims I look better with gray hair and I absolutely agree with him.”

“I no more follow fashion trends and now I am good with my gray hair.”

“Why feel insecure about gray hair if you can easily accept it as a part of yourself.”

“Believe it or not, I haven’t dyed my hair for eight months.”

“All started with the quarantine and even when it was already over I strongly refused to start dyeing my hair again.”

“An elderly woman’s hair and a child’s inner world.”

“As soon as I stopped dyeing my hair I didn’t become any worse. Instead, I now stand out from the public and feel more attractive than ever.”

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