The woman found her feline twin and was quick to introduce him to her pet, which proved fatal for them

From different parents, but as if twins!

Meet Onni, a cute cat, who was adopted by a kind woman some time ago and began a new carefree life with her.

Once the woman saw a picture of a cat on social networks that looked very similar to her catty and hurried to see him.

The next day, after work the woman rushed to the shelter to meet the kitten. She decided to adopt him, too and called him Nika. At first she took him to a vet for being sure that he was healthy, then took him home to introduce Onni.

When they stood next to each other, their resemblance became much more noticeable. The owner put them in the same room, giving them the opportunity to communicate.
Onni started to examine the baby and liked him at once. They became inseparable and built a loyal friendship.

Although these cats have different parents, they look like twins and even have identical stripes.
That’s really amazing!

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