“Exclusive photos of Huntington’s and Statham’s kids!”: Well-known model Huntington showed her little kids

Have you seen the adorable kids of Huntington and Statham? Exclusive photos

With sharing the exclusive photos of their adorable children, iconic model Rosie Huntington delighted her fans who couldn’t stay indifferent towards the two angels in the footage. Finally, the followers of the legendary couple have been endowed with an opportunity to see what their kids actually look like.

The heartwarming photos of the 11-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son of the stunning 35-year-old supermodel and the legendary actor highly impressed their fans who could admire the little angels forever.

The supermodel gently held her little daughter in her arms and showed her heir holding an umbrella. Many immediately noticed that both kids look so much like their mother.

Do you think they look more like their mother? Share your opinion below in the comments!

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