The adventurous cat, who escaped from home and was lost

Sweet reunion after almost 12 years

A cat named Middy got lost in 2009. And his owner named Shailene did everything to locate him. She put up posters all over the city, visited many shelter, spoke to local people, but everything was ineffective.

And after searching for many years the woman have up on the idea, that her cat would ever be found.

And after 12 years the woman was able to find her cat online. While browsing her news page, she saw a massage from the shelter.

Although the cat had transformed a lot, Shailene immediately understood it was her Middy. And she contacted the shelter and soon after the woman and the cat were reunited. The shelter staff told, that Middy lived in two different homes while he was abroad.

However he returned to the city and the shelter staff was able to locate him. Now Middy’s adventures are over. Shailene will be very attentive to him from now on.

Now as he has everything he wants the cat must stop escaping the house for adventures. He fully trusts Shailene and her family.

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